Save Over $1000 on the Fuelled Adrenalin Kawasaki Jet Ski 310R!

Only $22,000 Ride away.

Let’s start with the way to any performance junkie’s heart – power.

The Ultra’s power comes from a familiar source, the 1,498cc inline four-cylinder. At 310 horsepower, it continues to set the bar in the PWC industry, eclipsing the competition by at least 10 ponies. It’s arguably the model that feels like it delivers the most brute force. An Eaton Twin Vortices supercharger and sizable intercooler enhance the power delivery off the bottom end with 16.8 psi of boost, and the resulting thrust put to the water measures in at 1,890 pounds. Jam the throttle against the handlebars and the craft flies out of the hole, rapidly closing the gap between 0 and close to 113 km (the latter measured in relatively ideal conditions). Expect a ballpark number of 108 km in normal use.

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