2017 Kawasaki STX15F Ski – Trailer – Reg for only $13,990.

Kawasaki’s great value intro model, the STX-15F with its 1,498cc power-plant worth of thrust and the legendary handling that this ski produces, outshines its competitors. For the right person, it will make all the difference in the world.


  • 160-horsepower engine is the most powerful in its price range
  • Digital fuel injection provides smooth performance and excellent fuel economy
  • Agile hull facilitates sporty handling
  • Updated digital instrumentation includes a speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge
  • Class-leading storage lets you take all your gear with you
  • Kawasaki SLO-mode

The 1,498cc, dual-overhead-cam four-cylinder’s power easily tops competitive models, producing 160 horsepower. Hit the throttle hard from a stationary position and you feel the thrust, powering to 49 Km per hour in as little as two-seconds and then increasing to a top speed of 100 Km per hour. Both these figures are well beyond competitive models currently in the market place. The STX-15F responds quickly to throttle input, and that 100 Km per hour figure is just a few steps behind today’s flagship models. It also gives you and 15F growing room as your skills improve. Many once-novice riders may become bored with a slower ski  once their skill levels increase. The 15F will keep growing with you as that need for speed begins to rear its head.

The 15’s handling is sharper than the competitor’s offerings, and the power accentuates the feeling of the boat’s deep-V hull design, making the 15F seem far more like a racer. It dives in and out of corners with determination, never threatening to spin out from the load you enforce upon it. For more serene rides, the bolstered saddle gives touring-oriented comfort, and stability is equally top notch to the competition.


The 15F’s greatest appeal is power. It’s nothing to dismiss. A top speed that flirts with flagship numbers will hold a great deal of appeal for those with performance leanings, as will the aggressive handling of the STX hull. That combination of power and handling are precisely why the STX-15F is the ski of choice for many starting out in the adrenalin world of JetSki’s.

The open rear deck has plenty of space well suited for getting into water skis or for use as a diving platform, and its close-to-the-water height and automatically retracting boarding step make boarding in deep water a comfortable.

For the beginner the STX-15F features Kawasaki’s electronic Smart Learning Operation (SLO)-Mode function allows new riders to become familiar with the handling and response of this  watercraft at a relaxed pace before operating the STX-15F at full power.  Two separate keys “Yellow for SLO-mode, Green key for full-power operation” prevent operating mistakes.

The STX-15F has large storage compartments in the bow, glove box and under seat for carrying a fire extinguisher, tool kit, cooler and more. There are adjustable rear-view mirrors, finger throttle control, a magnetic ignition switch for extra security. Plus at the end of the day it has an adaptor to connect the fresh water flushing fitting to your garden hose.

Get in quick and reserve your 2017 Kawasaki STX15F Ski – Trailer – Reg for only $13,990 before stocks run out.