The Kawasaki Jet Ski STX-15F continues to justify its place among the competition.

One obvious reason is power – Kawasaki simply offers significantly more than similar models at this price range. Yet another is handling.

Rather than built from the ground up as a recreational model, the 15F was fashioned instead as a flagship, honed on the race course. That combination of power and handling may make the 15F a little too much for buyers who want a tamer ride, but far better for those who like their ride a little more on the wild side. YES PLEASE!

In short, the 2018 Kawasaki Jet Ski STX-15F is always worth a serious look.

So just how powerful is the 15F?

Pin the throttle and you’ll quickly find the boat passing the 96 km ph mark, typically topping around 100 km ph. That’s pretty fast for a model at this price point, notably more than similarly priced models from Kawasaki’s two main competitors. The time it takes to get to those numbers is also impressive. The 15F will pass the 48 km ph mark in as little as two-seconds – and that’s without a supercharger. This craft benefits simply from a large-displacement (1,498cc) engine rated at 160hp.

Yes, that power can be overwhelming for a truly timid novice, but for most, it will provide sure thrills. Even if new riders don’t tap into it often in their early days with the craft, it’s there, ready to take them to the next level as their skills and confidence improve without trading up. In addition to satisfying a growing need for speed, it pays some practical dividends as well. The low-end punch is enough to take even larger adults skiing or wake-boarding and carry multiple passengers without suffering.

With it’s racing heritage the deep-V hull slices through lousy conditions with precision and predictability while carving an impressively sharp turn. It’s also stable and quite dry, letting passengers ride in comfort.

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