The Bayliner Element, now also available in green livery, is the perfect boat to enjoy the picturesque and warm sunny canals of the sunshine coast and it could be the start of something new for your family. It puts boating within easy reach with a stunningly affordable price, familiar automotive-style handling, and class-leading stability and safety features. Plus it has the power and comfort features to get you to the fun spots and ensure you enjoy yourself.

Whether you’re cruising the Noosa River or pulling at one of the protected sandy beaches you’ll find the handling a breeze in any situation from pulling alongside a bank for a dash across the road to grab a serve of fish and chips, or anchoring up for a quick picnic.

The Patented M shaped hull is 30% more stable than standard V hulls and offers extreme stability underway and at rest while easy to read gauges make it easy for novice or first time owners. Combined with plenty of onboard space, this makes the Element perfect for fishing, a 365 day proposition in Noosa. The Noosa River is without doubt one of the most pristine waterways on the east coast and with close to 40 kilometres of waterway to choose from you can catch everything from bream to flathead and tailor, or whiting, a favourite of ours.

At its core, it’s an easy and affordable day boat design that is simple to tow and launch and comes with a custom self-guiding trailer. Powered by a quiet four stroke outboard engine and watersports compatible, it’s both versatile and efficient.

In the warmer months, one of the most exciting fishing options is to use small surface hard bodied lures such as the Bassday Sugapen or Atomic Hardz K9 down near the entrance to the river. Here you will catch whiting and bream by casting well ahead of the boat and commencing a steady retrieve while wiggling the rod tip.