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Demo Video Mercury V-6 / V-8 Four-stroke Outboard Maintenance: Changing Engine Oil

This step by step how-to-video will walk you through the process of changing the engine oil in a Mercury V-6 or V-8 four-stroke outboard engine. For more information, please consult a Mercury Marine owner’s manual or pop into North Coast Boating to ask any questions and to get your Mercury Engine Oil Changing items. Better […]

Basic Knot Refresher

Everyone can use a refresher on how to tie a line, and how to coil a line so that everything stays secure and neat. Through most of the age of sail, ships and their spars were made of wood and all rigging, running and standing alike, was made of rope. To connect it all, riggers […]

Top Best Films With Boats

Heres something different! What is your favourite movie with classic boat scenes? Whether the boat is as much a protagonist as the actors in the film, such as in African Queen, or some of the most memorable scenes take place on it, these cult classics wouldn’t be the same without these vessels. James Bond wouldn’t […]

Conserving Fuel When Touring on Your Personal Water Craft

Many boaters are exploring ways to conserve fuel to combat high petrol prices. Because as much as roadside petrol stations are charging motorists this coming summer, boaters can expect to pay even more at the marine petrol stations on the water. Although personal watercraft are considerably less expensive to operate than most other boats, long […]

Riding Double Tips For Jet Ski

Factors to Consider Before Riding Double… Three primary scenarios result in riding double on a Kawasaki Jet Ski. There are more riders than personal watercraft. You want to take someone for a ride who hasn’t ridden much, not licensed or is underage. A jet ski has broken down so the operator needs a ride. Riding double […]

Another Look at the 2018 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX

The flagship model, the 2018 Kawasaki Jet Ski® Ultra® 310LX personal watercraft, is the perfect combination of performance and luxury. The Jet Ski Ultra 310LX features a roots-type Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) supercharger. A three-blade impeller that is directly driven from the engine provides superb propulsion, powering the watercraft’s deep-V hull that offers class-leading […]

The 2018 Stacer 659 Sea Ranger Centre Console

If you are prepared to deal with getting wet occasionally, centre consoles make the perfect fishing platform. The console provides some protection but the real appeal in the design comes from the space that is available onboard and by removing the cabin, the entire boat is usable from the bow to the stern. And it […]

MotorGuide releases new Xi3 and 72” Xi5

    MotorGuide’s newest release – the Xi3 – is the quietest and easiest to use motor in its class. Indeed, rigorous testing has proven it to be up to 40% quieter than its nearest competitor. But there’s a lot more to it than that. MotorGuide’s latest offering also has wireless control straight out of the box, […]

All New 2018 Stacer 499 Sea Ranger SC

As may now be aware Stacer has added new side and centre console models to its plate alloy boat range. The first of these tough new fishing boats is the Stacer 499 Sea Ranger SC The introduction of the Stacer 499 Sea Ranger SC expands Stacer’s plate alloy boat range to around two dozen models […]


Taking place at Lions Park, Eleebana NSW, Kevin Reiterer placed 1st in every race with his Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R. In attendance was a list of international riders that stretched far and wide, including riders from Austria, Cambodia and New Zealand, as well as riders from across Australia. Newcastle Jet Ski Centre ran 3 Kawasaki Jet […]

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