Many boaters are exploring ways to conserve fuel to combat high petrol prices. Because as much as roadside petrol stations are charging motorists this coming summer, boaters can expect to pay even more at the marine petrol stations on the water.

Although personal watercraft are considerably less expensive to operate than most other boats, long distance touring riders should know about fuel economy and plan ahead for their fill-ups to save a few dollars while out Jet Ski touring.

Boating Inherently Inefficient

We all know that Jet Ski’s are not exactly the most fuel-efficient of recreational vehicles. Their fuel economy is a little more than some of their land-based touring counterparts like ATV’s and motorcycles.

That’s because boating is inherently more inefficient. Thrusting any vessel across the water can burn more fuel. Generally, consuming more petrol more than other recreational vehicles going the same distance on asphalt, gravel or dirt.

Tips To Conserve Fuel

Use Regular

To stretch your dollars further while touring on the water, make your first consideration riding a PWC that takes regular octane petrol. You’ll save right there by not having to buy premium. Check the marine fuel stops while planning your journey, some marinas may only pump premium fuel. This is where your planning comes in.

Fill on Land when possible

As land petrol station can be cheaper always fill up at roadside petrol stations when your PWC is on the trailer. You can also avoid marina prices by filling up at home or the marina parking area from petrol cans with petrol purchased on land. But what if you need to refill mid-ride?

Carry Extra On Board

Try carrying extra fuel on board for long rides like touring. Look for properly sized or configured jerry cans that can be securely fastened on the back of your watercraft. The team at North Coast Boating can help fit a PWC designed petrol can rig to suit your requirements.

Slow Down to Conserve Fuel

The next tip for conserving fuel is to back off the throttle. Like other engines, those in personal watercraft have a cruising sweet spot that optimises fuel efficiency. But as soon as you exceed that speed/RPM, fuel economy is taken over by your request for more power. Same goes for the fast starts or hard acceleration.

Many of you are now thinking what fun is that? Well, that’s the trade-off, isn’t it? If you want to let it rip, then accept that fuel economy is not a concern. What you can do is hold off until you are closer to home and then put it to the bar or play to your heart’s content to use up the leftover fuel.

Plan Ahead To Conserve Fuel

You can also save a few bucks by planning your touring rides better. Avoid marina prices by keeping your return ride distance less than the range of fuel on board. Failing that, check with marinas en route beforehand to see who has regular fuel and the best prices. If you have willing friends or family along the way, try arranging in advance to have fuel on hand for a quick top up.

If conserving fuel and managing costs are a priority then hopefully, this post is helpful. And by the way, consider carrying a syphon, pour spout & no-splash funnel to make it easier to fill up from jerry cans. Finally, to restate a key point, wherever possible, fill your PWC on land, not over the water!