A bait board can be a welcome addition to your fishing boat, making life on board much easier. For a range of quality bait boards for sale, come on in or give us a call to discuss your required specifications. We Stock a variety bait boards, bait tanks, and more.

A bait board is the ultimate workspace for a fishing boat. The bait board will provide ample space for all of your tools and tackle and allow some room for any gear preparation that you need to finish. Depending upon the model chosen, there will be all sorts of space for storing all of your favourite fishing items. You can keep your tools organised and have easy access to your equipment. It is an area where bait can be cut, if needed, and the day’s catch can be cleaned and filleted.

A good quality bait board is built to last. Most models will have rod holders, cup holders, and even knife slots. We will professionally fit and mount the bait board to your boat. North Coast Boating  takes great pride in being able to deliver exactly what customers desire. If a custom product is required we can organise it for you.

Call us your drop in to discuss your bait board requirements.