Planning a Fishing Trip To The Township of Seventeen Seventy and Fitzroy Reef

Fitzroy Bommy S23-40-600 E152-22-000

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From the Sunny Coast or Brisbane many a keen boating / fishing enthusiast has taken a extended pilgrimage to The township of Seventeen Seventy and then onto Fitzroy reef. If you have not done this yet then you need to reserve some time this year to make it happen because this is a boating and fishing enthusiast bucket list pilgrimage.

From Mooloolabah on the Sunshine Coast it will take you roughly 5 hours, it will take a couple of weeks of preparation to organise your reef fishing adventure. Remember that good prep will make this a safe and enjoyable fishing trip. Like crossing bars for the first time or heading out into open water you should take someone who is experienced. At North Coast Boating we are a strong believer in learning and respecting your elders. Someone who has had 40 years experience and has been to the place you are going to will help you fast track to developing your skipper skills and successful fishing expert. We have always found that the good old days stories provide great conversations.

Cheers to the old salts.

If you are staying out over night in the Fitzroy Reef lagoon make sure you are fully set up to do so.

Check your Safety equipment, safety equipment for offshore boating is mostly the same as required for smooth and partially smooth water operations. However, in addition, a 406 MHz EPIRB must be carried if operating more than two nautical miles from land. When in open water make sure you have the correct life jackets, they must be carried at all times.

Bilge Pump

Consider installing a second high volume bilge pump that will offload water quickly. Always have at least two heavy-duty buckets ready for use, as a bucket is an extremely efficient method of bailing water.


Consider carrying two batteries, one for starting and one for running accessories. This way you will always be able to start the motor. Make sure they are marine batteries that can handle rough conditions, have a high-cranking power and are deep-cycle, which means they can charge faster. A normal car battery is not a suitable battery for a boat. Remember, large HP modern outboard motors cannot be pull started. Battery power is often sapped by the multiple electronics boats now carry such as GPS, sounders or bait tank aerators.


Always carry more than you are going to need as you may travel further than you intended. If the weather does turn then you know that you will be using more fuel to get back to terra ferma.

Marine radio

Number one rule for a marine radio is if you do not have one then get one installed. The team here at North Coast Boating will get that done for you.

Following is information on the local volunteer marine rescue service, note it is paramount that you inform them before you head out on the trip.

VMR Round Hill Operational Information

The area serviced by VMR Round Hill is the coastal strip from Pancake Creek to the north, Baffle Creek to the south and off shore to Lady Musgrave Island and the Bunker Group of Islands and reefs including Fairfax, Hoskyn, Bolt, Llewellyn, and Fitzroy. This is an area of approximately 1200 square nautical miles of ocean.

They maintain a 24 hour marine radio listening watch on VHF 16 and monitor VHF 81, 82 (repeaters for the area) from 0630 hrs to 1800 hrs daily. The rescue boat crew are on call 24/7.  

Contact Details

Call Sign



07 4974 9383

After Hours Emergency

 0427 747 477


539 Captain Cook Dive 1770

E Mail


16, 81, 82


88, 91


2182, 2524