Manufactured in New Zealand, foam filled and completely unsinkable even when cut in half, SmartWave boats are built using a rotational polyethylene moulding process which produces lightweight, single piece, double skinned boats that are virtually indestructible and unsinkable. The material is tough, durable, and UV stabilised. This combines to give you a boat that has excellent buoyancy, safety, stability and performance.

They come in a range of sizes from 2.4m to 4.8m and are popular rescue boats the all over the world. Built to handle harsh environments, these boats will take a hammering, and with a thick outer skin and foam filled cavity they also are very quiet on the water with the smoothest and safest ride you will ever experience!

SmartWave Mission

Our mission is for your success, all products produced are to be of excellent quality and design right through to delivery. Careful and dedication to service will ensure customer satisfaction and growth while retaining long term relationships.


SmartWave Profile

SmartWave Boats are the uniquely designed craft that we manufacture in New Zealand giving you the features to make you’re boating experience a pleasure. SmartWave Boats are world renowned for their ability to handle the tough and extreme conditions many seas, lakes and rivers contain. The efficient hull design, the high quality finish and features are the success story SmartWave for over 10 years.

The material used in these hulls is the LMDPE (Linear Medium Density Polyethylene) which is UV stabilised, strong and durable. This makes these boats perfect for diving, tenders, hire, charter work, commercial fishing, recreation and many other challenging opportunities. Ocean life has many yet unknown qualities and quantities that only the super quiet and stable ride of the SmartWave boat will give you the experience to discover these creations…

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