The team at FSA FishSki Australia has come a long way in resent years perfecting there FishSki and SkiBox range. FishSki is the ultimate ice box suitable for fishing on jet skis, both offshore and inshore. The Ski Box is ideal for recreational activities like picnics and overnight camping adventures.


FishSki is a perfect match for the Kawasaki JetSki range. Standard FishSki units are composed of a 68 Litre Waeco insulated ice box rated at 5 days in the shade with an easy-lift soft-down stay, carpeted tackle & lure storage box as well as a cutting and bait board on the top deck. Included are 6 rod holders with spring-loaded tie-down clips, extendable 1-metre long gaff hook, stainless fishing/diving knife, 2 x 5 Litre rear-mounted spare fuel containers and 2 x stainless tie-down rails for attaching crab pots and cleaning cloths. All FishSki units feature a standard screw-out drain plug mounted low for maximum efficiency.

FishSki units are easily mounted in 90 seconds by way of stainless steel hooks and turnbuckles utilising standard mounting points included on all jet skis.


The SkiBox is ideal for recreational jet skiing and boating use. It is composed of a 68 Litre Waeco icebox with a single carpeted dry storage box suitable for phones, camera gear, wallets, keys, etc. It also includes multiple stainless diamond D-plates for securing larger items including chairs and camping gear on the top. All SkiBox units feature a standard screw-out drain plug mounted low for maximum efficiency.

The SkiBox is perfect for Jet Ski picnics or overnight camping adventures.

Both the FishSki and the SkiBox can be ordered in White, Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange and Blue. Customisation orders are accepted as long as it can be done without affecting performance and safety. The FSA team have been known to customise a SkiBox with a mini weber.

For more information contact us at North Coast Boating, we can even include it into a great Ski, Trailer, Safety and FishSki or SkiBox package.