This boat is top of its class, it is very capable and at a competitive price. It is a good size for fishing or friends and family water sports such as towing inflatables, is easy to manage and has a great range because of the 200 litre fuel tank.

It also provides all the safety and comfort you would expect from a boat builder with 50 years of knowledge and experience. Haines Hunter spent considerable time in marrying their deep vee hull to a wide beam and deep cockpit; this boat has been two years in the making and it shows.


Haines-Hunter-565-Offshore-15What is great about this boat is the interior space, it features a large cabin and a functional deep carpeted cockpit with toe recess. The cockpit gunwale sits almost at my hip and is extremely safe for families with small kids as there’s no fear of them tipping out underway or even at rest.

There’s plenty of room with the wide 2.40m beam and a fold out rear lounge. Either side of the cockpit there are large storage pockets that will keep all your key items within easy reach. Additional rod storage is just above these pockets and six optional stainless steel holders in the rocket launcher.

Available with optional bimini and clears package which we highly recommend. Immediately behind the driver’s seat, is a step to make life easier if you need to get to the front of the boat. With an easy-to-access forward hatch that gives you safe access to the anchor it’s unlikely you would need, or want, to walk around on the narrow gunnel. There is also another large storage pocket at your feet next to the skipper’s seat.

There is plenty of room on the dash to option it up as you see fit. We recommend a 9 or even 12 inch unit as a dual chart plotter and sounder. The 12 is a squeeze so if you wanted two separate units then, two 5-inch units should fit with a little work form our North Coast Boating tech team. Personally if it was my boat I would also be getting a stereo fitted and, of course, all the necessary safety gear such as a marine radio if heading offshore.

On the passenger side there is a large glove box that will accommodate wallets, phones and even a smallish handbag.

Moving into the cabin you step over a large and deep kill tank, the large interior space comes with all cushions.  You can easily lie down on one side and have a comfortable nap. There is more dry storage under the bunks and you could fit a portable toilet if needed.
The hatch allows plenty of light into the cabin, is nice and sturdy and can be locked in an open position so you can ventilate the cabin while at anchor. You also access the anchor through this hatch.

As you have come to expect from a Haines Hunter the finish throughout the boat is excellent with the fibreglass showing no signs of blemishes. The stainless work is also of high quality, just like the ride and performance.


Haines-Hunter-565-Offshore-11We recommend the Mercury 135hp four-stroke, the Haines Hunter 565 Offshore delivers solid performance. It springs onto the plane quickly and stays where it should with plenty more left in reserve. The hull is rated to handle up to a 150hp engine, Heading offshore to fishing grounds, rarely allows you to run flat out into chop and swell the 135hp will deliver ample power for towing sports for all but the hardcore water skier.
The Smartcraft control panel on the dash leaves ample space for other electronics and provides instant access to all of the engine’s systems including fuel flow, revs, oil pressure and battery condition. The 135 weighs in at 206kgs and runs a 3.0-litre inline 4 platform with a sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection system that provides excellent acceleration and power through the rev range.


The hull slices through chop thanks to the deep vee at entry and glides along, almost as if you are floating on a cloud. Heading over chop and swell, the boat rises as you would expect and then lands softly on the other side. It is a capable performer in all conditions and will more than excel in the rougher stuff which is why you should seriously consider the 565 if you are looking for a capable inshore/offshore package. The wide beam creates a large area at the rear that is supremely stable in the water at rest and underway.
At speed the hull is responsive and turns on a dime if required. The steering input is precise and has no lag, making sure the boat turns when and how it should. In corners the boat beds into the turn predictably and delivers a smooth curve throughout. The helm and passenger positions allow all round view and are both comfortable either standing or seated.


The entire package including boat, motor and trailer would lie in the vicinity of 1350kgs so a medium SUV and up will tow this boat well.


626_fullsizeCapable as a serious fishing boat, but able to morph into a family cruiser and water sports platform courtesy of some optional extras such as ski pole, this impressive package has all the hallmarks of a great boat. It is keenly priced and a size that nearly anyone could handle either on their own, or with help. You can elect to stay inshore, or head wide trolling chasing big game such as tuna on the east coast.

Call us or drop in to let us put together a great on the water package for you!