Are you thinking about buying a trailer boat?

Great news, as boating enthusiasts ourselves, we have years of experience buying, selling and maintaining boats. First, let’s go through the process of buying a boat, which should start well before you stand looking at a boat with your finances in hand.

Start with the basics:

  1. Choose your type of trailer boat.
  2. Determine whether you’d like to buy new or used.
  3. Utilise the years of experience that the North Coast Boating team have.

1.    Choose your trailer boat type.

What kind of boating would I like to do? – Consider where and how you will use the boat that you buy.

Boats are specialised, so what you buy should be largely determined by how you will enjoy the water. Take the time to do your research. Just as you wouldn’t buy an off-road vehicle to commute on a highway, it’s important to find the right boat to fit your activities, tastes, and the needs of your family.

Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly before signing that sales contract. Do you want something you can put on a trailer and haul from waterway to waterway? Is entertaining guests with cocktails at sundown the primary motivation for your purchase? Will you do a lot of overnight trips? Do your kids have plans to water-ski and wakeboard? Each of these is a valid reason to buy a boat, and each will lead you to a different boat.

For more help finding those answers, feel free to pop into North Coast Boating or give us a call.

Even once you decide on a type of trailer boat, there are more choices to make like engine power, safety equipment and accessories and marine electronics.

2.    Determine whether you’d like to buy new or used.

It only takes a little bit of online shopping to discover that there are a lot of used boats available at much lower prices than you would pay for the same boat brand new. Fibreglass and aluminium don’t rot like traditional wood does, so today’s boats last a long time.

Buying used can also save you money up front, but just like buying a used car, it also increases the variables. If you haven’t bought a used boat in the past, we can assist you to make sure your purchase is risk-free. Or marine technicians are trained on all makes and models of trainer boats, outboards and inboards engines and well as marine electrical systems.

3.    Utilise the years of experience of the North Coast Boating team.

We can help you make your purchase seamless, educational and a positive experience. We are passionate boating enthusiasts that want to help you experience the pleasure and excitement that boating brings. We have the knowledge and the desire to be an integral part of your boating life. We also provide a complete services options for Your Mercury Outboard Powered Boat and Mercruiser marine engines. We an authorised Mercury, Kawasaki, Mariner and Mercruiser service centre, and are able to service a large range of popular makes and models. We have access to the latest Mercury, Kawasaki and Sea-Doo diagnostic software and factory tools, you can be confident that your boat is getting the best professional service and advice in South East Queensland.

Whatever your boating requirements are we can customise your package to suit you and your budget. We are here to be part of your and your families life-long boating experience.