As it’s coming up to the busiest time of the year for being active on the water, we thought it would be a good idea to relay some information about the wonderful services of the local Australian Volunteer Coast Guard.

Remember if you are heading out on the water, it pays to be safe and log yourself with them. It will give them an estimate on when you will return so if you do go missing they will know where to look. Also make sure that family onshore know who to call if you do not arrive back on time.

Accidents can happen quickly, never rely on your radio, eprib or mobile phone if something goes wrong.

It takes a special sort of person to sign up and stick as a member of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard. Resect what if takes and always listen and act on the expert advice from them. They will always know more than you will. Many of them are seasoned boats with year of training and boating experience.

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard website is a great source of local and national boating news.

Following are the three Australian Coast Guard flotillas on the Sunshine coast:

QF4 Caloundra Coast Guard


Tripcony Lane – Off Maloja Avenue,

Caloundra QLD 4551

Phone: 07 5491 3533

Marine Assist 24/7: 0429 913 533

Caloundra boat 130314


Monday to Friday: 0500 to 1200 hrs

Weekends and Public Holidays: 0500 to 1700 hrs

CALL SIGN: Coast Guard Caloundra


27.88 and 27.91 MHz

Channel 73 on VHF

We also scan local area transmissions


Primary Rescue Vessel: Caloundra Rescue.

Secondary Vessel: Caloundra Rescue 2.

Third Vessel: Caloundra Rescue 3.

Facebook Page:

QF5 Noosa Coast Guard


Their is no radio information

Munna Point Caravan Park
Noosaville, Queensland, Australia

Phone: (07) 5474 3695

Fax: (07) 5474 1366

Alternate phone: (07) 5474 7670

Coast Guard Noosa currently has around 105 volunteer members that actively provide a 24 hour a day, 365 days, marine radio coverage and a search and rescue service.

Coast Guard Noosa provides numerous educational courses that are open to the general public:

  • First Aid
  • Navigation
  • Marine Radio Licence
  • Bar Crossing
  • Basic Seamanship
  • Elements of Shipboard Safety

Coast Guard Noosa works closely with the Water Police, SES, Surf Lifesaving Queensland, Local Council and many other emergency services. Coast Guard Noosa enjoys taking part of local community events such as the Noosa Waters Christmas Parade, Santa on the River, Clean Up Australia Day and various others. They are almost entirely self-funded receiving approximately one sixth of our total operating costs from State Government. The balance of the monies required to keep the Flotilla afloat are raised by our members with the support of our generous sponsors.

Facebook Page:

QF6 Mooloolaba Coast Guard


65 Parkyn Parade,

Mooloolaba QLD 4557

Phone: (07) 5444 3222

Fax: (07) 5444 6503


Radio monitoring hours: 24 hours

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 0830 to 1200.

CALL SIGN: ”Coast Guard Mooloolaba”


27.88 & 27.90

VHF 16, 21, 67, 73, 80

All of these channels are monitored from 06:00 to 22:00 365/366 days per year.

After 22:00 through to 06:00 next day only VHF 16 is monitored.

Facebook Page:


Rhondda-rescuePrimary vessel: Rhondda Rescue-13.8 m. monohull with twin Cummins turbo charged 368 Kw.(500 hp.) motors.

Secondary vessel: Rotary II-7.6 m. monohull with 2×87.4 Kw. outboards.

Third vessel: Maroochy RSL 4.7 m. inflatable with 1x44Kw. outboard

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard QF6 Mooloolaba is one of 5 flotillas of the Sunshine Coast Squadron, which in turn is part of the National organisation known as the “Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association Inc.” Locally, we are known as Coast Guard Mooloolaba QF6. Our motto is “Safety by all Means” and our aims are to promote boating safety through education, experience and example and finally by search and rescue.

Coast Guard Mooloolaba QF6 is part of an organisation totally staffed by volunteers. We provide a 24 hour, 365 days a year Marine Rescue service for local recreational and commercial vessels, as well as to vessels visiting our area of operations. We operate three rescue vessels: “Rhondda Rescue”, a 13.8 metre all-weather offshore rescue vessel, “Rotary II”, a quick response 7.3 metre inshore rescue vessel and “Maroochy RSL” a 4.7 metre RIB. Each year we assist around 300 distressed mariners from local waters, accessed by this area’s only ‘all-weather’ ocean access.

QF6 also maintains a 24/7 Marine Radio watch on all relevant channels, while providing a ‘Log-on, Log-off’ safety service for all mariners operating in this area. This system gives us an early warning of any overdue vessels, whether in transit or operating locally.


For more information call your local Australian Volunteer Coast Guard.