Stacer is now offering an additional 2 year bonus warranty after the existing 3year Telwater/Stacer warranty expires. This provides you with a total of 5 years factory backed warranty on any new Stacer purchase.



Stacer will now provide an additional 2 year structural warranty on the boat and trailer (including labour.) All new BMT, BT and boat only purchases are eligible for this bonus warranty. This warranty covers failures caused by defect in material or factory workmanship.

*Standalone trailer orders are exempt from this bonus warranty.

The 2 year warranty extension will terminate upon failure to meet any of the Warranty Conditions.

Warranty Conditions to attain extended Warranty:

20 hour / 3month inspections, followed by annual inspections up to year 5 from purchase date must be performed and documented online with Stacer/Telwater by an approved Stacer/Telwater dealer.

  • –  If the boat has been inspected at these intervals since purchase date it is eligible for the extended structural warranty.
  • –  Customers must log services in the Telwater owner’s manual and retain all invoices for theirrecords.
  • –  Dealer must log service details online with Telwater.
  • –  Warranty coverage becomes available upon registration of the product online with Telwater.


Any Products that have been modified or altered from their original production configuration may be excluded from any Telwater warranty coverage. The addition of, or replacement with, parts or accessories not approved by Telwater, or not installed by an Authorised Telwater dealer, may be cause for your 3 + 2 Telwater warranty to be void. This will also be applicable to your standard 3 year warranty.

What’s involved in the inspection to receive your 2 year bonus warranty?

In addition to the annual service points outlined in the Stacer / Telwater Owner’s Manual, the inspections below are required annually through to year 5 to attain the additional warranty:

  • –  Bottom sheet inspection looking for any (damage or distortion)
  • –  Lift the carpeted floor to inspect for foreign debris (zinc sinkers etc) and inspect condition of bottom sheet support ribs and welds.
  • –  Inspect underfloor foam condition
  • –  Inspect for any hull leaks
  • –  Inspect condition of the fuel tank and its supports.