Buckets Of Fun

Only $15,500

  • 2012 Model super machine with 67 hours on the motor.
  • Ski and trailer just serviced.
  • Comes with Cover.

Kawasaki’s powerful 20112 Ultra 300 isn’t just a throttle junkie’s dream. In its LX guise, it’s also a comfortable, versatile — if still powerful — touring machine. Key in this regard are additional standards, like a stepped, bolstered seat. It’s comfy and soft, but offers the back support that will be welcome on long rides. Two-tone coloring highlights these bolsters, and a rich hull paint scheme completes the upscale look. Another touring nod is a clever nook in the handlebar pad that can be fitted with a mount to hold a handheld GPS, keeping your position up close and handy on that next adventure.

Below these additions, however, this is still the Ultra 300. That means the next adventure can go by at a leisurely pace…or streak past at the blink of an eye.

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