Salt-Away is now in-stock at North Coast Boating!

Salt-Away is a carefully selected blend of ingredients specifically chosen to provide the optimum concentration of cleaning materials and surface-active agents, to provide salt removal from a wide variety of surfaces.

It is a non-toxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous environmentally friendly product. It has great benefits to maximise the maintenance of your JetSki, marine engine, boat and trailer.

It will assist in the prolonged life of your investment.

Salt-Away completely removes salt and is highly effective on salt build ups. It is safe to use on virtually all surfaces, including magnesium, aluminium, iron, steel, stainless steel, chrome, paint, gel coat, nylon, isinglass, vinyl, plastic, glass, wood, leather, rubber and canvas.

Water-based Salt-Away is not a coating and does not bond to surfaces.  It comes in a high concentrate so it must be diluted before application.

Following is an impressive range of application uses for sea water & sea air contamination:

  • Marine Engine Flushes
  • Over-heating marine Engines
  • Boat washing
  • Trailer washing
  • Brake Wash
  • Fishing rods, reels and tackle
  • Diving gear including diving suits, buoyancy control vests and regulators
  • Patio furniture
  • Windows and awnings
  • Air conditioners
  • Circuit boards
  • Optical lenses
  • Radar systems
  • Laser systems
  • Refrigeration systems,
  • Saltwater toilets
  • Anchor, windlass/capstan
  • Cables
  • Generators

Facts About Salt

Salt is hygroscopic. A hygroscopic substance has the capability of attracting moisture and retaining moisture. Salt does not “cause” corrosion.

Three elements are required to create corrosion:

  1. A corrodible material
  2. Oxygen
  3. Moisture.

Salt that is attached to a corrodible material has the ability to attract, retain atmospheric moister which causes the surface of the material to be constantly wetter than normal or average, therefore, the presence of salt on a surface assists and accelerates the corrosion process.

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