Stacer unveils its 2018 models including those built on the new Revolution hull that’s softer riding and more stable than its predecessors

The Gold Coast provided a fitting backdrop for the recent launch of Stacer’s 2018 range of pressed- and plate-alloy trailer boats.

The key announcement was the introduction of the new Revolution concave hull shape, along with the debut of several new boats and significant improvements to existing models.

The new Revolution hull is softer riding than previous Stacer hulls, yet still stable, sure-footed and dry.


Stacer Aluminium Boats introduced its 2018 model range to assembled journalists in a recent event staged on the Gold Coast, but the major news was the introduction of the Revolution hull, a more radical version of Stacer’s existing EVO Advance hull. The Stacer 2018 model range has been consolidated so that there is now a single model name for each type or configuration of boat.

For example, the Nomad console boats have been combined with the similar Crossfire models and, collectively, will all be called Crossfire boats going forward.

Similarly, the two runabout lines – the Sea Way and Bay Master – have now been combined into a single runabout ‘family’ called Sea Master.

With the offshore centre console boats, the Nomad Rangers will now be slotted into this model line.

Across the range of Stacer models, smooth side sheets made from generally heavier-gauge marine alloy will replace the panelled finish on many of the current models. The boats look great and it is easier for customers to fit a vinyl hull wrap, as per current trends.

Some Stacer models previously fitted with Level Standard flotation will now revert to the Basic Standard, which has foam flotation placed under the floor and not in the side panels of the boat.

According to Stacer, the change to Basic Flotation is to “reduce customer confusion regarding types of flotation, to increase storage space, and to facilitate the use of heavier gauge alloy in hulls”.

All Stacer models will also now have fully welded side decks for greater strength as opposed to spot welded.


Stacer’s new Revolution hull combines the best features of its EVO Advance bottom shape with the concave, flared bow and entry shape of its SF Series and Assault Pro bass boats. The new hull will be used across most of Stacer’s pressed-alloy models measuring between 4.29 m and 6.2 m in length. Including the Sea Master runabouts, Crossfire console boats, the Assault Pro bass boats, and the new Wild Rider bowriders.

The heavy-duty Sea Ranger plate-alloy console boats and the flagship Ocean Ranger models will continue to use the EVO Advance hull. The most notable feature of the Revolution hull is the finer entry shape at the bow, and increased flare from the stem to the chines.

As you cast your eye from the bow of the Revolution hull to the stern you can also see that the sharp, concave vee shape that moderates and becomes quite flat at the stern.

This combination of the sharp cutting vee at the bow and relatively shallow deadrise aft provides a softer ride into choppy water, but without any loss in stability at rest or underway.

New additions to the Stacer Proline v-nose boat range include the Territory Striker 349, 369, and 389. The new boats come standard with an anchor shelf forward along with two seat thwarts – but can be upgraded with floors and casting decks.

The Territory Strikers differ from the regular Prolines in that they are slightly wider and have deeper, taller topsides – up to 160 mm. A slightly sharper vee hull shape has also been implemented to improve ride comfort in choppy water.

The popular Assault Pro range of high-performance bass/barra boats has seen several modifications for 2018.

Existing models have been replaced with three new sizes – in 469, 509 and 529 – and each is now equipped with the new Revolution hull bottom.

New standard features include an extended front casting platform, a rear casting deck with hinged section (which folds forward over the dual helm seats), 4 mm bottoms, 3 mm topsides, lockable hatches, stainless steel deck cleats, standard trolling motor bracket, and a motor-well casting platform extension.

The Assault Pros can also now be optioned with dual helm consoles, side and centre rod lockers (two larger models only) and an 80L casting deck live well.

The new Sea Master runabouts replace the outgoing Seaway and Bay Master models. There are now fewer models overall, but the new additions are better equipped and more user-friendly. The Sea Masters are available in 429, 449, 469, 499 and 519 model sizes. All have smooth, 3mm alloy topsides and Stacer’s new Revolution hull bottom.

Features across the range include more freeboard, fully welded side decks, rubber gunwales, carpeted floors, drop-down floor at helm, stainless steel boarding ladder, and under-dash storage with foot-bar.

The entry 429 and 449 models have a step-through dash to reach the anchor well, a flat panel dash, and a lip on the port side dash to stop stuff sliding off.

The three larger Sea Masters have a walk-through dash, low profile sport deck (to lift the windscreen height), rolled side coamings, and a cockpit scupper drainage system.

As with Stacer’s runabout range, the side and centre console Nomad and Crossfire boats have been combined into a new five strong Crossfire range. The new models come in 469, 499, 539, and 589 models sizes and with a side or centre console layout.

Key features include higher, smooth topsides for more freeboard, a port side transom alloy bait tank with glass viewing window, welded side decks, scupper drainage system, console grab rail and rubber sea tread matting on the transom.

Anglers will also be able to option the Crossfire with the Crossfisher package – which includes a raised casting platform forward (200mm down from the gunwale), provision for a 100l ice box under the casting deck, lockable rod locker, and a cutting board/ski-pole combination.

The Stacer Easy Rider boats have been dropped in favour of a new bowrider range called the Wild Riders – available in five sizes from 499 through to 619. The new boats are fitted with the Revolution hull bottom and smooth, higher topsides for more internal freeboard.

The Wild Riders have rolled, welded side decks, a scupper drainage system, 3 mm topsides and 4 mm bottoms. The biggest change, compared with the Easy Rider models, is the relocation of the open anchor well from the foredeck to a poly-plastic bin concealed under the centre seat bow cushion. This change has enabled the entire seating compartment to be extended further forward and generally enlarged.

Among the options is the new Angler Pack, which includes a rear lounge/casting platform with live bait tank and re-designed transom door.

Like the larger Ocean Ranger plate boats, the Sea Ranger centre and side console boats have retained the EVO Advance hull bottom. The model range now starts with the 499-series model and includes 529, 559, 659, and 709 series boats. The 499, 529 and 559 series models can be purchased with a centre console or a side console configuration. The larger size models all have a centre console layout.

Key features of the Sea Rangers includes a fully welded, self-draining tread-plate cockpit floor, welded alloy casting deck, welded side decks and gunnels, kill tank with overboard drain, welded rod holders, live well aft with glass viewing window, console grab rail, and 4 mm bottoms and topsides to all models – save the two largest boats which have a 5 mm hull bottom.

Options include a rod locker, and plumbing to the kill tank to convert it into a large live well. The kill tank can also be swapped out for a second fuel tank.

Following the success of its Ocean Ranger plate-alloy cuddy cabin and hardtop boats, Stacer has now introduced a centre cabin hardtop configuration to the range – available with the 589, 609, 659, 709, and 759 plate alloy hulls.

Interestingly, the centre cabin structure is the same size across all of the models so the length of the cockpit is all that changes with increasing boat size.

The new centre cabins have a range of fisherman-friendly features – such as a Strike chair with swivel back rest, upswept gunwale line, windscreen wiper, optional toilet and an optional Strike chair/ice box combination.

The Ocean Ranger hardtop full-cabin boats can also now be ordered with a 300 mm long cabin for additional weather protection, along with a lockable cabin roller door.