Since 1971 the Catanese family have been manufacturing Stejcraft boats in Australia.

Stejcraft Make Family Adventures Come True with the ultimate family cruisers and bow riders that will make females excited with the luxury styling, comforts, necessities and safety features. For You and the kids we have a boat range that bring very capable designs for all weekends away, sporting activity to serious offshore sports fishing.

At Stejcraft We Dare To Make Your Dream Come True In The One Boating Package!

Tim the son of Sam Catanese who founded Stejcraft was brought up in the original factory in Melbourne. Throughout the years Tim had a driving passion to dedicate his life to the art of boat design and manufacture.

The Stejcraft family become heavily involved in competition waterskiing when Tim as a young man became a competitive waterskier for 14 years. He performed at a high professional level representing Australia in International competition at that time.

Tim’s first USA venture in the early 2000;  14 Years ago Tim went to the USA and acquired the rights to build Centurion Ski Boats under license in Australia. When he came back he was manufacturing Centurion Ski Boat along with Stejcraft in the Melbourne factory. This proved to be a massive learning curve time of boat design and manufacture. Shortly after he moved to the Gold Coast to set up a Centurion Factory and left the Stejcraft manufacturing in Melbourne. This directed Tim to become heavily involved in developing hull shape designs for a greater competitive edge. This proved to be a significant advantage for Tim’s boat building development, as it helped him understand the complexity of hull shapes and what is best for what purpose. This carried over in his high performance and stable designs throughout the entire range. After two years Tim sold  the building licensing rights of Centurion and started importing them from the USA.

2006-2007 was a massive year for Stejcraft with 300 boats built out of the Melbourne factory.

In early 2008 Tim took over Stejcraft and moved the factory to the Gold Coast, Queensland just as the GFC hit worldwide. It is well-documented that it was hard times for the entire marine industry not only in Australia but worldwide. The task to build better and cheaper boats is always a hard pathway but after many ups and downs Stejcraft came through. This was done by Tim thinking there had to be a way to build more advanced boats quicker and better. He looked very closely at the way the USA boat manufacturers built their boats and how they are skilled at making their boats aesthetically appealing.

Around the end of 2013 with his driving passion to be at the cutting edge of boat design manufacture, Tim made the decision to move to the East Coast of the USA for two years. He wanted to grow his knowledge on the latest cutting edge design and fibreglass building techniques. He sent a couple of the Stejcraft moulds back to his father in Melbourne for the continuation of manufacturing Stejcraft.

During his two-year stay he embedded and learnt with various leading boat manufacturers, trade shows, upholsterers, techniques like learning different stringer systems, form fills, modern adhesives that create a stronger bond to fibreglass and accessory manufacturers across the country. He learnt all he possibly could to create the next generation of Stejcraft boats that would move the company into the future.

With the accumulation of this new-found knowledge on how to build a better boat he created the new Islander 580 deluxe. This boat was the first that incorporates Stejcraft’s new revolutionary boat building techniques.

Tim started to build the new next generation of Stejcraft boats from a factory out of the USA and exported them the Australia right up to the end of 2015. At the start of 2016 Tim moved Stejcraft back to Australia and moved back into the old Melbourne factory. There were many reason for this,  economics, family and the main reason was that Tim’s Dad Sam was now turning 70. He called Tim to ask him to come home and take over his Revival boats business while utilising the factory in Melbourne to build Stejcraft.

Tim shipped all his moulds back to Australia and kicked off the Australian manufacturing at the start of 2016. Two months before the end of 2016 he came to the conclusion that you could not build Revival Boats and Stejcraft Boats in the same factory as different manufacturing techniques were being used; more traditional compared to cutting fibreglass manufacturing with no wood of the Stejcraft.

So weeks out from Christmas 2016 Tim moved back to the Gold Coast where his family have been based all this time and set up the all new Stejcraft factory.

This marks the new permanent beginning for Tim and Stejcraft with four models now in production: the Islander 580 Open, Islander 580 Enclosed, Monaco 610 and the Monaco 640. Over 2017 and 2018, ten other models are scheduled for production, these include cruisers, fishing boats, Sports Bowriders and a Ski & Wake range.

His passion inspires his manufacturing team to produce high-quality  and multipurpose fibreglass boats that internationally are at the cutting edge of resin boat design and construction. Every boat at every stage of construction is rigorously quality controlled. Tim and his team passionately believe that the Stejcraft brand deserves the best fibreglass-built boat in Australia.

What this means for the Australian boating enthusiast is that they now have the opportunity to buy the best fibreglass trailer boat range in the country. It will give you the confidence to go where you want to go. No Matter if it is making that decision to head out over an angry bar or pounding the short chop of the bay, it takes more than a few swells and sharp turns to rock a Stejcraft. With their new HRS hull design (Hull Release System) it also makes them the smoothest running and best-handling boats in the market.

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