OK, ladies and gentlemen. Here is the biggest news to hit the personal watercraft industry since, well…ever. Kawasaki, the company who first introduced the standup JetSki 43 years ago, has just announced the return of the JetSki SX-R. The video below is both a celebration of the company’s long and illustrious history with the JetSki, as well as a tease for the standup that will be revealed in October.

Obviously, this is a major revelation. It’s been a long year of trying to play it cool and shoot down a whole heck of a lot of questions, so finally we’re able to let the cat (if only just a little) out of the bag. Now there’s still a lot of information yet to be revealed, and much of it we don’t know ourselves, so stay tuned!

Here’s the original press release:

Foothill Ranch, Calif. (August 22, 2016) — Kawasaki introduced its first stand up Jet Ski personal watercraft 43 years ago and soon the 2017 Jet Ski® SX-R™ watercraft will make its return to the water. Now in its final stages of development, the all-new Jet Ski watercraft is propelled by a four-stroke power plant that brings back all of the excitement of stand-up riding on the water.