Book in your boat or Jet Ski to be serviced during the months of June, July, August or September 2016 and receive a $100.00 voucher to spend in our store on chandlery items or $100.00 off your next service.

Also included FREE in the service will be a bottle of Mercury Quickstor which prevents gum and varnish from forming in the fuel, settling in fuel lines, tanks, carburettors and injectors.

As you may have experienced in the last couple of years, postponing your service until the months leading up to Christmas can be difficult as it is a very busy time. At these peak service times it can be hard to fit in all the customers that need to have their marine engines or Jet Skis serviced for the holiday season; sadly this has left some customers very disappointed. Even January can be difficult to book a service if left too late.

Leading up to Christmas most look forward to another memorable summer of  water-sports, recreational boating and fishing with family and friends.

mercury_quickstor_92-8m0047932.jpg__390x390_q85_autocrop_replace_alpha-#fff_size_canvas_subsampling-2_upscaleIf you plan ahead and get your marine engine or Jet Ski serviced in the winter months it will mean you do not have to think about servicing and the best part is that you are ready to hit the water when summer comes around. This also means that you stay on top of your warranty maintenance schedule.

Call today to book your service.

Jeremy Bolton

Dealer Principal

North Coast Boating

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